25 - 27th January 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It was truly a pleasure to lead the MYP Projects workshop for TAALEEM at Uptown school last weekend. 18 incredibly enthusiastic and committed MYP Personal Project coordinators and supervisors from IB schools in Ghana, India, Jordan and the UAE came together to develop a deeper understanding of the requirements and opportunities for students of the MYP Community and Personal Projects. #ibo #myp #taaleem

30th August – 2nd September 2018

Doha, Qatar

Over the last 2.5 days I've had the pleasure to lead a wonderful group of very enthusiastic IB MYP teachers through the Category 1: Implementing Language Acquisition workshop at Qatar Foundation, Doha.

26th – 28th August 2018

Istanbul, Turkey

Earlier this week I visited Enka Okullari School in Istanbul to lead a 2.5 day bilingual Category 1: Implementing MYP Language and Literature workshop with 16 outstanding teachers and 1 amazing translator!

20th – 21st August 2018

Breda, Netherlands

I spent 2 exciting days last week with 24 MYP/DP teachers at International School, Breda facilitating their journey to a deeper understanding of how ATL skills have the potential to further our students' ability to become self-regulated and intrinsically motivated.

10th – 11th August 2018

Lilongwe, Malawi

Day 1 of the What is an IB Education? Approaches to Learning Continuum Workshop at Bishop Mackenzie School, Lilongwe, Malawi. Over 70 fantastic participants practiced their Social and Communication ATL skills by competing in groups to collaboratively erect the highest spaghetti tower!